[C5 PVP] Mouth Trumpet Cavalry - Do Adult Things

Who are we?

We are the Mouth Trumpet Cavalry. We are a PvP focused wormhole corporation that is dedicated to taking as many fights as humanly possible. We are a group of tightly knit individuals that enjoy wormhole life and flying nanogang fleets. We take pride in our fast responses, and eagerness to rush into a fight repeatedly. Our philosophy is simple: fights are fun, so let’s get more fights.

Manual piloting is an important part of how our fleets operate. If this is an area you are struggling in, we will teach you. We have many veteran pilots that are always sharing knowledge with our newer pilots. We are confident you will improve as a pilot here.

We predominantly fly nanogang, this is our first choice when responding to content. We maintain several other doctrines that allow us to deal with situations that would otherwise be unfightable for our nanogang. We stress being prepared so that we can be reshipping quickly, so that we can bring the right tools to hand to take an engagement.

We live in a vanilla c5 with a c5 static, which means YOU’VE got access to those dope c5 combat anomalies, as well as players to show you how to run them. Aside from combat anomalies, wormhole space has many ISK faucets including:

  • PI
  • Mining
  • Gas Huffing
  • Hauling Contracts

Our Services:

  • Forums
  • Teamspeak
  • Enyos
  • Slack
  • Pathfinder
  • Dank Frags


Our rules and expectations The most important requirement is to be prepared. Having 2 ships from each doctrine allows our members to participate in our fleets, and for us as a group to be able to take fights we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Being prepared is paramount for our members. We have a 1 month trial period, during which time, you can get your ships in without pressure.

SP is a terrible way to judge new recruits. We look at specific skills to vet potential recruits.

How to join:

  • Follow these steps
  • Join our public ingame channel: “mcav-public”
  • Recruiters: Carthelan EnDare, Tugen, Tim Nering, Kjewla (EU).

Additional material:

We are recruiting!

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We are still recruiting!

Happy New Year! We are active in both EU and UStz. Looking forward to hearing from you.



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