Highly Active PvP Focused C2-NS/C5 Corp is Looking for More Space Bros (Beyond the Breach)

It Is Really Us. We are an established, tight knit and very active C2-NS/C5 Wormhole Corp, and we want you to become a member of our family.

With a huge focus on PVP, you’ll be a part of highly skilled nanogangs and truly organised small gang and mid sized fleets with some amazing FCs.

We utilise a small but tailored selection of doctrines that are perfectly designed for their specific purposes, whether is a nano gang roam out our null static or a heavy armour wormhole brawl. These give us the ability to fight outnumbered and outgunned and still come out on top!

Current Recruitment Status

EU: Selective
US: Open

A little about us:

  • Experienced wormhole and Nullsec FC’s

  • PvP focused in Null and WH space!

  • 100% fleet doctrine SRP

  • C5 & NS statics, so permanent content for anyone willing to look for it for a few minutes.

  • Teamspeak for in game communications

  • Discord for out of game communication and content pings

  • Help to all new family members to get you established in your new home as well as ongoing support

  • Bespoke, dedicated wh mapper server (Pathfinder)

The perfect family member:

  • 40 mill SP (or at least skills highly focussed on PvP)

  • Mic/headset for Teamspeak

  • Some PvP Knowledge and willingness to learn

  • Ability to fly the doctrines we use (or be able to quickly train the skills required)

  • Triglavian Ships skilled including the specialisation. Trig cruiser V is pretty much a must.

  • At least one racial Cruiser V with T2 weapons and the ability to fly smaller T2 ships

  • Scanning skills, preferably on an alt

  • An affinity for getting into trouble!

  • Knows how to PVE, there will be no corp organised PVE-Sessions

  • And above all, a good attitude and a willingness to fight and have fun.

We don’t need:

  • Wormhole experience, however any experience is an added bonus but we will expect you to learn wh mechanics

Don’t trust me? Check out https://www.driftingloot.com/corps/

Gratuitous Promotional Videos For You To Enjoy

How to apply:Join our Discord , or our in game channel n game channel -’‘It is Really us’’ directly our or Talk to - Ma’an Luo, MajorJenkins, Moonlord or Graeme Edwardson for

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A great place to be. The corp is just the right size not to be too small and not to be too large. Best thing is that it always active and there is always action in EU and Late EU/early US TZ. Dank content is has almost every day, comms are fun.

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Recruitment is open once more

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