[C5 Wormhole PVP] MCAV. Is Recruiting Enyo Pilots

Mouth Trumpet Cavalry is recruiting!

Hi. We’re those dudes who used to have two podcasts, but now we have none. Also, we like to fly absurd ■■■■ on the daily. You can check out our killboard , but don’t be surprised if it looks like a goddamn Christmas tree. Sound good? Cool!

What we’re looking for:

  • Active small gang PvP pilots
  • Pilots with a working knowledge of the English Language
  • Pilots who can fly Enyos
  • Pilots with at least a rudimentary knowledge of nano gang
  • Pilots who understand that killboard efficiency is a false God

What we’ve got:

Would you like to know more? Stop by ‘MCAV Public Chat’ and drop us a line!

Or you can get the application process started by following this link


  • Tugen
  • Dexter Annages


Welcome back!

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