[C5 WH PvP] Mouth Trumpet Cavalry Is Looking for Enyo Pilots!

Mouth Trumpet Cavalry is recruiting!

Hi. We’re those dudes who used to have two podcasts, but now we have none. Also, we like to fly absurd ■■■■ on the daily. You can check out our killboard, but don’t be surprised if it looks like a goddamn Christmas tree. Sound good? Cool!

What we’re looking for:

  • Active small gang PvP pilots across all timezones
  • Pilots with a working knowledge of the English Language
  • Pilots who can fly Enyos
  • Pilots with at least a rudimentary knowledge of nano gang
  • Pilots who understand that killboard efficiency is a false God

What we’ve got:

Would you like to know more? Stop by mcav-public and drop us a line!

Or you can get the application process started by following this link



Jed Ellecon


hello everyone :slight_smile: Pew pew

The content must flow

I endorse this product and/or service

Last night we found some nerds bashing an Astra in battleships, so we grabbed some Enyos and removed them for their violations against Shakira Law.


Still looking for doots.

Any chance for humanity’s landing on who’s the next up

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we are still recruiting!

Doors are still open

Spit it disgusting young’n and hold your nuts while you gunnin’

Recruiting is still open!

This is actually quite appealing. A free bump either way.

Hi. We are still recruiting friends.

Be a Nano Good! Apply today!

still recruiting mad lads and bad dads.

Free Enyos for the lads

We are still recruiting!


Recruiting is still open!

We are out here sending it every day


Still looking for Enyo pilots!

Recruitment is still open!