Caldari 1 [Caldari Alliance] ISK in high-sec

:child: Recruiting alphas & new players
:money_with_wings: Automated corp projects using in-game UI
:moneybag: 25,000isk for each NPC killed
:euro: 100,000isk per signature scanned
:dollar: 5isk per UNIT of ore mined
:red_gift_envelope: 1,000,000isk per enemy player killed
:credit_card: 1,000,000isk per FW site captured
:ninja: 5,000,000isk for killing an enemy player
:fuelpump: 0% corp tax & 0% citadel services tax
:100: 100% Jita price buyback of ore & ice
:free: Free Mining Barges & VNI’s for members
:tada: Weekly ship giveaways (currently a rattlesnake)
:chart: Great way to get extra incentives while starting the game
:ambulance: We also offer 1 on 1 guidance for new players
:partying_face: 3-5 alliance events per week from mining to pvp
:people_holding_hands: Part of an active community where people are always online!

:speaking_head: Please contact “Ryan Elich” in-game or visit our discord here: DISCORD IGC: C_A

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Got some new members enjoying the project income as well as the 0.0% tax rate.

We have recently had to reduce our mining project payout to levels more in line with our other opportunities as there was an oversight regarding 1m3 vs 1unit of ore. We are still seeing our members returns at over 300% their normally hourly rate.

Have awared 130mil from corporation projects so far, hoping to see this amount grow as more capsuleers join us.

Did some additional testing running the SoE epic arc was able to gain an additional 8.6million isk from coporation projects while completing the first 10 missions in the arc.

Paid out 317 million in corporation project rewards last week. Still looking for more member and potentially an additional recruitement officer.

Alphas and alts also accepted

Glad to see some new bros starting to use the service. Keep the applications coming plenty of incentives to go around.

Vanguard is live now, come squad up with us.

1.5billion in corporation projects have been awarded. Still helping new players. Have lots of opportunities within the alliance and our allies once you get bored of grinding out isk in high-sec.

Still looking for more pilots to take advatage of our corp projects while in high-sec. We can also offer guidance on how to progress beyond high-sec activities.

Great way to increase your isk/hr as a new player until you figure out what you want to pursue in new eden :slight_smile:

Still more PPP loans to be depleted by corp projects.

Happy Easter New Eden

Would a semi-afk all over the place pilot benefit from joining? I’m in the “bored and have no idea where to go next” :slight_smile:

If you are under 5million sp and are still doing basic start content i.e. tutorials or level 1-2 missions or sisters of eve epic arc this is a good place. If you have more sp and are done doing the high-sec starter stuff I would actually recommend a different corporation in the alliance based on your specific interests that you want to persue. If you don’t know what you want to do yet at all it is a good place lol

I’m over 36mil sp, legion loki and AF pilot, branching out into BPO and BPC production right now. think your corp would be fun for me? :slight_smile:

Haha if you really wanted to redo the soe epic arc and hang out with new bros maybe. You would likely need to be interested in the idea of the corp and want to team up to co-lead it as you would be likely in a position where you can give more help than you need to most our members. You can join RAZOR alliance and be blue to us ;p

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Still lots more isk to give away to new players!