Astral Acquisitions Inc. New Player Friendly Corporation

New to EVE? Returning player? We might have something to offer you.

Focusing on mining, PVP, industry, and exploration mainly in US and EU timezone. Weekly pvp ops where we ruin our spaceships and hopefully other peoples too.

Alpha Accounts Welcome!

  • High Sec, of course! But that could change.

  • Access to a C2 WH with a high sec and c3 static.

  • Killboard? What’s that?

  • Treasure hunting, IN SPACE!

  • Free ships for new players.

  • We measure the game in fun-per-hour, isk per hour is a joke!

  • PLEX giveaways, who doesn’t like those?

  • Moonmining for dank ISK!

  • Ore/mission loot buyback program.

  • Not war eligable

If you like the above jon us on Discord: Astral Acquisitions Inc.


I love my Corp - only Astral Acquisitions Inc. :heart:

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Great corp

They say they measure in fun per hour but I’ve made a lot of isk while having fun so

Daily fleets for various activities and lots of corp offerings.

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I’ve been in the Corp for only a couple days. Very helpful and always something fun going on. Would join again. But I can’t. Since I’m already a member. =]

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We’re still recruiting

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Hey I’m a new player. I just started playing a week ago and I’m looking for a corp. I’ve watched some videos about corps and this corp looks appealing. I don’t play that much and I don’t devote my life to EVE Online but I was wondering if you would welcome a guy like me. I’ve only done the mining agent contracts, I don’t feel like fighting/PVP combat right away, and I like the mining gameplay. I’ll eventually expand my skills and roles in the game but I’m contempt with mining for now. Would you be interested in recruiting me?

Hey. Of course you’re welcome in the corp :slight_smile: We have mining fleets that provide boosts and compression which changes the mining game a whole lot. Join our discord and let’s have a chat there. :smiley:

Recruiting more pilots :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

Recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still looking for pilots to join EU\US timezones. :smiley:

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