Caldari Fleet and Operations Academy is Recruiting New and Experienced Pilots

Are you a miner? An Explorer? Someone interested in wormholes?

Or maybe you prefer the hot rush that comes from defeating a careless opponent in one-on-one combat.

If any of those things sound applealing, then we have a home for you! CFOA is a growing corporation based out of a C4 wormhole, taking part in a broad spectrum of activities.

What we offer:
-Active leadership with a wealth of experience and a passion all areas of EVE.
-Highsec and wormhole HQ’s for miners, pve, and pvp pilots
-Incentives and skill plans for newbros to help get them into the ships they want to fly
-SRP for doctrine fits during corp operations

What we require:
-Dedication and loyalty from our pilots
-Omega Account Status

If you have any questions or comments, drop into our in game public channel “CFOA Diplo / Recruitment” and an officer will be happy to help you out as best they can.

Recruitment is Still open to all pilots new and Experianced.

Recruitment is still open for all pilos

All pilots welcome, Recruitment is still open

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