Caldari Home Corp - PvP, PvE, Indy and more! - USTZ

Deprived revenants is a Corp created by seasoned players who are tired of people losing their way in the big blue blocks of eve. Our aim is to keep our identity and do what we think makes the game fun.

We’re looking for people who enjoy and like to participate in pvp, but we know the game isn’t all pvp. We know its PVE, Mining, Indy. and ABOVE ALL its a game about meeting people and creating bonds of brotherhood that can tie people in friendships even beyond the limits of the game.

As long as your willing to defend and fight what you build then we want you!

*Active in last 6 months
*5 mil SP
*Magic 14 trained/training
*No mains in Major alliances/corps

Join - D3REV -

We operate in HS and LS and aim to be in NS! Come join us!

Bump for the post! Still looking for people to join! Contact me via in game mail or here if interested!

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