Caldari Independent Navy Reserve (CAIN) Low/Null/High

Effective immediately The Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, better known as CAIN, is opening recruitment.

Who is CAIN?

CAIN was founded in 2005. I have had the pleasure of spending the last 16 years in CAIN. Originally, we were founded as a Role-Playing Caldari Loyalist corporation to participate in the CCP run EVE events with CCP’s Polaris group. Over time those events ended as the game changed, and times have changed. CAIN still maintains a limited RP mindset but that is not the focus in the game anymore. While CAIN does focus a lot on PVP, players are free to do what they want in EVE Online outside of Piracy. Our current base of operations is in Low Security Space on the edge of Null Space, but we also have operations in High Security where other parts of the game can be enjoyed. Freedom is a big part of CAIN, we value each other’s time greatly. Do you want to grab a team mate and run missions for LP points or standing, do it. Group Abyssal runs, do it. Do you want to mine, go for it. Wormholes, why not sounds fun. If you are looking for PVP, no problem we have standing fleets for Alliance roams. We are not a sovereign holding alliance group, we do have a few structures that need defending but we are not demanding constant CTA’s to soak up players time. A majority of our PVP is pro-active, not reactive.

What are we looking for?

Attitude is probably the biggest thing that a new member must have. We in CAIN do not care how much isk you have, how many ships you have, if you are not a team player and are abrasive or hurt the morale of others, we do not need you. We have members from all over the world, but right now we are heavier on the EU side. But we are looking for members of all time zones, especially US. We do require the use of English as a standard language, and we do not care about accents. We use Mumble for Alliance Ops and Discord for local based stuff. As a special note, we do not accept applications from “former” or current piracy / griefer groups. CAIN has spent a lot of time in direct combat with groups like that.

If you are interested stop by channel CAINCOM for more information. For more information about CVA click here.

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