Caldari navy heavy assault missile launcher blueprint

Do these blueprint copies exist in the game ? Googled and searched old and new databases. At one point they appear to have been available. Were they taken out ?

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Just because a thing is in the database it does not have to be in game, there are a number of items like that.

If they ever were in game I suspect they have been removed so that there is more sunk cost to get the same number.

I believe they are in the caldari fw corp LP shop.

Yeah check LP stores. Iā€™m not sure which one but try below or maybe the fuzzworks site.

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Thank you to all who responded. I visited ellatha, fuzzwork, old-ru, everef,, and other weird places google suggests. I even dove into the old database of EveHQ. Some mark it as Published (some clearly copying from one another), some as Unpublished. I guess the Unpublished wins :smiley:
For safety I visited the caldari fw LP store ingame too. No blueprint for them (or 3 other faction launchers). So be it.
Thanks again.
P.S. fuzzwork seems to be the one that is most up-to-date.

the only offer that matches this name is

    id: 4616
    name: Caldari Navy Heavy Assault Missile Launcher
      itemid: 28377
      itemname: Caldari Navy Heavy Assault Missile Launcher
      quantity: 1
      isk: 9600000
      - itemid: 20138
        itemname: Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
        quantity: 1
      - itemid: 15592
        itemname: Federation Navy Fleet Captain Insignia I
        quantity: 63
      - itemid: 15593
        itemname: Federation Navy Fleet Major Insignia I
        quantity: 106
      lp: 24000

so no offer for the bpc.

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