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Who are the notable Role-players in the Caldari Faction? Are there any specific Player or Corps that are noted for such?

From what I’ve seen in the Forums it looks like Lumen is Amarr and Electus Matari is Min. Who are the ones for Caldari and Galmil if any? Feel free to correct me if I’m missing something.

Are you looking specifically for the militia roleplayers or just general roleplayers?

I will do what I can to answer this question.

The largest surviving group of Caldari roleplayers is I-RED, who are loyal to the Ishukone Corporation, and do stuff in both FW Lowsec and NPC null. Should you wish to get in touch with them, then @John_Revenent is your go-to.

There’s also a few smaller corporations floating around, but nothing that’s really publicly vocal, asides from perhaps @Thadius_Faran 's news agency.

Beyond that, the other vocal actor is @Diana_Kim who is loyal to Kaalakiota, and whose kokoro secretly goes doki doki for Heth.

Beyond that, there’s a discord server where Caldari roleplayers nominally frolic, but it is rather quiet:

Beyond that, there’s also the Roleplay Is Primary Discord, which has roleplayers from all factions, and is more active:

Of course, I also exist, but I mostly just hold my little trench in Faction Wars in silence, when my character isn’t on shoreleave.


General Roleplayers, thanks!

Thank you for the responses.

Responding to this here:

I-Red is perhaps the largest and most well known Caldari RP group out there right now. This is their recruitment thread on forums.
[I-RED] Ishukone-Raata Employment Services - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

LUMEN also has a contingent of Caldari rpers (either mercs or representatives from State groups). That often makes for interesting internal tensions/roleplay betweem them and the Amarr members. Recruitment thread on forums:
Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque (SFRIM) - Amarr Loyalist, PVP, PVE & More! - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

There are other smaller state focused groups or solo roleplayers who can be met in “The Summit” in game or on the Roleplay Discord Roleplay is Primary

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If you would like to meet in-game other roleplayers, join in-game channel “Out of Character”.
If you would like to meet other characters and speak to them in-character, the best place to go is in-game channel “Intergalactic Summit

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