Can I take a screen shot without all the HUD boxes?

How do I get a screen shot of my ship in space without all the HUD stuff in the picture? Since my Mac doesn’t have a screen cap button, I’m not even sure how I get one at all.

I know it’s F9 for PC. Might be same for Mac

Use ctrl-F9 to get rid of the HUD stuff then ctrl-shift-3 to get a screenshot. After you’ve finished, ctrl-f9 brings all the screen stuff back. Don’t forget to press the “fn” key while using ctrl-F9 if you have the function keys set to their default use.

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You were right about ctrl-F9 It cleared all the boxes away, but I still can’t get ctrl-shift-3 to make a screen shot. I am not sure what’s wrong. Does it let you know you got a screener? I found the folder that said screen caps, but it’s empty. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. :frowning:

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