Can i use cloaking device while in compat but not behing targeted?

i wonder if i can use the cloaking device while not behing targeted but in compat (when i have alrdy shoot)?

or otherways does the compat / timers effect the usage of the device?

Iirc, you can’t do anything cloaked, depending on the type of cloak I believe

It doesn’t look like timers are a problem.

From the EVE Uni Wiki:

There are multiple factors which can prevent ships from cloaking or forcibly cause a cloaked ship to decloak.

  • Being within 2000 m from any object will prevent ships from cloaking and cause cloaked ships to decloak. This includes often ignored objects such as jettisoned cans, corpses, collidable structures, drones, and gas clouds.
    • Missiles will decloak cloaked ships.
    • Exceptions: Cloaked ships and scanner probes do not decloak cloaked ships. As a side-effect of this, multiple cloaked ships in the same spot will not collide with one another, however if one of them decloaks they will all forcibly decloak and potentially be sent bouncing away from each other.
  • Being targeted will prevent a ship from cloaking. This includes being targeted by an NPC or a passive targeting module which does not show as yellow box.
    • However, only completed target locks will prevent cloaking. If the cloaking device activates before a target lock is established, the targeting attempt will fail.
  • If you are already cloaked you cannot cloak. This may seem like a non-problem but this will force you to break the gate cloak (see below) before you can activate your cloaking module, and in the process briefly reveal yourself.
  • Faction police and CONCORD ships are able to locate cloaked ships. If you are being chased by either of them due to low standing or criminal action they will warp to you even if you are cloaked.
  • Offensive area of effect modules such as Bombs and Smartbombs will damage cloaked ships but will not decloak them.
  • Command Bursts do not apply to cloaked ships.
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If nothing is targeting you and you aren’t within 2000m of any object, then yes, you can cloak in combat.


IMO this should be changed.

It goes against all lore and “standards” or sci fi.

If they want to restrict it to the improved and covert ops cloaks, I’ll accept that.

But it’s very SOP in space genre.

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IMO it shouldn’t be changed. It’s really easy to get away in a cloaked ship - warp away and you can cloak up. No need to make it even easier.

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Not if you’re scrammed or webified.

And in many cases it’s quicker to cloak than align and warp (especially for miners and industrial ships).

I’m just saying it is counter to everything else in sci fi genre.

Star Trek introduced the concept of a “cloak”. Throughout all the various series and movies it was SOP for an ship with a cloak to use it to get away while under fire. Even in other soace shows/stories it works the same. EVE shouldn’t be any different. People expect that kind of functionality.

As long as you can’t shoot while cloaked there’s no harm.

It’s just too simple a ‘get out of jail free’ card if ships can press that button in combat and be invulnerable to fire.

Imagine fighting a group of bombers. You lock one, try to shoot it but it cloaks. You lock another one, try to shoot it but it cloaks too, while the first bomber has decloaked and is shooting you again, together with the 20 other bombers.

Bomber fleets would be very oppressing.

Bomber fights are already very one-sided, they don’t need a massive buff like this.


If you want to propose a change, please do so in the proper forum; it’s impolite to derail the OP’s request for how something works now with a discussion of how you wish it would work.

You can launch a bomb and then cloak up. The bomb will still do damage.
Every other type of damage requires YOU to maintain lock (including missiles and drones).

For example :

Launch Bomb
Bomb does damage

Launch Missiles
Missiles don’t do damage

IMO this is a very bad idea from someone who has no idea about what he is talking about
what you propose would be some sort of invulnerability.
Stupid idea

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No. I propose a well established (in sci fi) strategy to escape an attack.

You still couldn’t attack while cloaked. That would be an invulnerability and a total game changer.

If you can use a sensor dampener or ECM to break a target lock, why not a cloak too? :thinking:


It’s an interesting idea but it would be terrible for game balance. I recommend you get some experience flying offensive ships that can cloak, fight other players and then come back to this topic.

Cloaking while in combat is a valid strategy at the moment and it works really well. It has just one main counter - you can stop people from cloaking by targeting them - as the other counter isn’t practical as that involves being within 2000m of the target at all times. And even if people target you, you can easily warp off to a bookmark 200km away, cloak up and warp back to rejoin the fight.


Well, EVE and “space” is a complicated story… There’s not much space physics in traveling or fighting in EVE: It’s more or less a somewhat complicated board or card game with given rules which are crudely translated into space characteristics.
How frightened have I been reading “wormholes can lead anywhere in space” to get lost anywhere in space. How frantically I tried to avoid collisions in my fragile corvette in the tutorial.

Learn the EVE standards, and you’re gonna have fun. Space genre “SOP” is just misleading in so many aspects that you’ll give up soon “fixing” the game.

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