Can You Mine While Cloaked?

(Hunter Sertan) #1

Just curious.
If you get “ganked” while mining because they pick you up on scanners can you cloak your ship while mining? If they can’t pick you up they can’t target you right?
Just a thought.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #2

You can’t cloak whilst your lasers are active. Watch d-scan, if you see probes or a ship mwd away, break lock and cloak.

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(Terak Romaller) #3


Nope. Sorry.

There are two ways of staying safer whole mining. Nothing is completely safe: this is Eve. It’s a game of risk.

Situational Awareness: understand what is happening around you. If you see something that makes you nervous - say a sudden spike in numbers, or people coming into local who are known gankers, then be nervous. AFK mining is a good way of getting killed. And my sympathy is as as far away as you are.

The other trick is: don’t be an easy target. Fit sensibly, don’t be the obvious target. Don’t be greedy. The gankers go for easy targets. If there’s you in a Procurer (the tankier barge) and someone in a Retriever (the weaker barge with the big ore hold) in the same belt, the gankers will most likely go for the weaker ship where the pilot probably uses the big hold so he doesn’t have to pay attention very often.
I fly a Skiff with a nice big tank on it. I quite often mine with combat drones out rather than mining drones. They’re not terribly effective, but I want an attacker to think: I’ll hit someone else - that Skiff may not be easy.

Keep moving and don’t sit on the beacon - the far end of the belt is safer.

Eve isn’t safe and I don’t have to be nice.

(Solonius Rex) #4

If you could, everyone would, and there would be no losses.

There are losses, so either these people are exceedingly, irredeemably foolish, which is certainly a possibility, or they are just somewhat foolish and decide to mine In hisec.

(Lily Inkura) #5

Yes, you can. It is just you can no longer mine after you have cloaked. The distinction might seem quite trivial, but if you are ninja mining an R64 moon, it could be important.

@Corraidhin_Farsaidh is therefore half-right. If you are mining you can cloak instantly and your active lasers will simply turn off. However, this also means you will lose whatever you were mining. So, if you stop the lasers first, then cloak, the partial cycle will still report to your ore bay.

Correct. But if they are able to warp directly to you, you might not be able to cloak (or stay cloaked) due to their proximity anyway. However, if you were flying an endurance you would still have an edge in that this frigate can fly cloaked at full speed (albeit without use of the prop mod) and can put a bit of distance between you and the attacker. I have done this in low sec on ice where I cloaked and moved and then watched the attacker quartering the belt, trying to decloak me. Not much use to you in hisec, but it just lets you know you have options.

(Dravick Afterthought) #6

Remember you can’t cloak when anything, including fellow-miners, is within 2000^ mtrs of you. Make sure your’e at least that far from anything on your ‘Everything’ overview, and watch out for drifting too close if orbiting, another miner getting too close, etc.

^ Corrected from 2500

(Hunter Sertan) #7

If you are already cloaked and they get within 2500 meters of you but are not scanning for you will they be able to see you or is the cloak an actual invisibility field?

(Dravick Afterthought) #8

Anything getting wiithin 2000^ Mtrs of you, be it ship, drone or just ‘scenery’, will switch off your cloak making you visible on overview and d- and combat-probe scans.

^ 2500 in my previous post was my error, now corrected.

(safira jomita) #9

You can add known pirates alliances and corps with terrible status, so as soon they enter local they will be spotted ( they will have a red dash on their portraits) . Mail me and I can give the most known alliances.