Can not verify jwt for getting character_id

Hello there.
Was create some app, save it and write some script to get JWT token (by the instructions ).
And i have no idea where i can get character_id.
Was see some topics with deade links and ads to use verify url, but verify asnwer only 1

what i’m doiing wrong?

The URL is

See also: The character ID can be parsed from the token itself. It’s part of the "sub" key.

God will bless you. The first URL is working.
More than a hour of my life was spended for manual, google and other sruff and now i have no idea why my URL is different.
Thx a lot.

That used to be the URL, but it was changed at some point in the past. Older guides probably haven’t been updated.

Ref: ESI Base URL Update &

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