Https:// CORS Errors

I’m building a modern web app and having problems retrieving my user data after using SSO.

I can successfully log in and get my tokens. However when I make a GET request to to get my character’s data I am greeted by CORS errors.

I tested the exact same GET request with Postman and successfully retrieved my character’s data so I know its not the request thats the problem.

This issue has been posted twice on Github and closed with no fix. Only suggestion was to use which produces a 404 error.

Can you guys fix the CORS issue on the server?

The URL is now

However you might want to look into the V2 SSO flow if you’re working mostly on the client.


Thanks. That URL works. Thanks for pointing out V2 SSO, will check it out.

You’re a troubleshooting genius. The amount of help you provide here on the forum is just amazing!

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