Can players who aren't active have strong opinions about Eve?

I find players who do not play a game but still have strong opinions typically have their opinions taken from somewhere else, Typically in a hive like mentality.
For an example of this basically see any subreddit. They largely think the same way and scorn anyone with a slightly differing opinion and if you want to earn any good boy points you better change your opinion to the current narrative.

So people who do not play a game yet have strong opinions on it honestly, Don’t really have strong opinions, They have someone else’s opinions.

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Sounds like a miner.

They always be squawking like drone parrots about gameplay they know nothing about.

Looks like some silly “care-bear” has re-awakened the L33t passive-agressive HiSecGanker troll in this one, again.

Must have been the thinly veiled smirking at the salty tears in null sec these days…

Knowledge of game-play is too often relative to your own point of view, and pre-misconceptions.

I’m fine with the pvp aspects and removal of local IF CCP also nerfs lewt drops. Why should pvp “mining” occur unimpeded? You want a game with risk, let’s have a game with risk. Let the salty tears flow.

Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. We are people.

In case you were asking about whether such opinions worth taking into consideration or not then…
Looking at Nullsec Blackout discussions i feel that almost none of supporters weren’t actual null-sec dwellers. And significant part of this group weren’t even playing currently.
But yes, their opinion mattered enough for CCP to implement Blackout.

I must admit I am really loving the local blackout, everything feels dangerous and exciting. I hope it never gets turned back on. The nullsec game is much better without local.

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