Can players who aren't active have strong opinions about Eve?

Hi everyone,

So this morning I wondered if it’s possible for a player who isn’t really active nowadays to have strong opinions about the game - specific gameplay areas.

I don’t think it is. For example, I used to be quite active about 10 months ago, but over the last 6 months especially I’ve been playing less and less, and have barely logged in since the last 3 months.

As a result, I’m finding that my opinions of the game seem less applicable, because obviously the game is continually being updated, and how can I comment on something when i’m not playing and not engaging actively with other gamers online?

I used to do Level 4 missions regularly. Have they changed recently? I don’t know…but even if I did read the dev blogs, I couldn’t really comment on the gameplay if there was a new feature, because I haven’t experienced it myself.

So i’m finding that i’m feeling a bit left out.

What do you guys think?

Is it possible to have strong opinions about the game when you are not an active player?

If yes - then why?

Oh this will end well.


You are asking if opinions matter and if some are more important than others but cant see how it will end up a dumpster fire.

I ask you to please add me to your ignore list as nothing constructive can come of this topic.


All opinions matter in some form or fashion. It doesn’t matter how long or…or how little you’ve been away.

I’ve done purely blueprint research for the past 6 months…barely logging in due to most of my activities being on autopilot. No one has a higher status than me.


To a degree, I think the opinions of former players are more important than current or new players.

CCP is on a round-about chasing retention of new players, so far without success, and in the meantime, their loyal customer base is also leaving.

I’m no marketing expert, so this might be totally off, but it seems loyal customers are easier to keep and/or entice back to being loyal, than it is to chase a new pool of players that aren’t invested.

On that basis, for me, what former players say, and particularly why they are leaving (and what would bring them back) is far more interesting than any other group.

s/ as long as those opinions agree with my own of course /s


I have strong opinions (but most of the time I keep them to myself). My opinions are biased and based upon nostalgia much of the times though. Having been fortunate to watch EVE evolve over the past 16 years obviously there’s much good and bad.

I think from my point of view why I do not have much say, is because the game is not catered towards older players.

And I think I do have say because I love this game and I have invested so much time and that I have good knowledge and understanding of the game.

But I also realize that I’m playing a vastly different game than most others, and CCP in the end is a business which main goal is revenue.


Thanks for your comments Chribba. I also realize now that I am playing a vastly different game from what it actually is, which is why I no longer play.

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Being active is not a requirement IMO but you do start to lose cred when talking about current settings/events/etc. As long as you can talk in a mostly informed manner then all the power to you.

If you are finding that you are off the mark more often than not then that might be a sign that you are too focused on the micro (which is now dated) and you need to look more at the macro (which changes at a slower pace)…


Scipio Artelius check in game mail…why we can’t message here I’ll never understand…


OK. Travelling until tomorrow, so can’t check for about another 24 hours.

Ah np…no rush.

Sure, as long as you have something better to say then this thread. Not to be rude at all, seriously just join in and let your voice be heard. If you got experience that you think may help on a subject, go for it.


Most inactive players are inactive precisely because they have strong opinions about EVE.


That’s a way to put it…

Permit me to introduce you to r/Eve

Clearly I mean in a way that contributes and feeds back into the game-playing community in a positive way.

I don’t mean extraneous commentary that has no impact.

Don’t you know? CCP pay more attention to reddit than these forums.

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the number of posts I’ve seen where someone starts with the fact that they haven’t played the game since 200x or whatever update suggests players that quit have even stronger opinions than players that still play.


I think the problem here is people who seem to like nothing about the game, but demand drastic changes rather than finding a game that better suits them.

Saying your opinion only matters while your account is active makes about as much sense as “if you don’t vote you can’t complain”. Often repeated, almost always wrong.