Can’t launch on Mac M1 Ventura 13.0

After update the system to Mac Ventura with MBP M1, Eve launch doesn’t work anymore. Is there anybody have the same issue?

Same problem,how to fix?

Change your system language to English will solve this problem


A new version of the launcher was just released. If you download the launcher and reinstall it then the issue should be resolved.

If you have already switched your systems language then simply start the launcher, let it patch. This should resolve the issue and you are free to change your systems language.

FWIW I already had (American) English selected. So I downloaded a new copy of the launcher. No joy. I switched to UK English and restarted, then started the launcher. No joy. So I switched back to American English, restarted the computer, and downloaded yet another copy of the launcher. That finally worked.

2017 intel processor iMac. BTW, the launcher would launch fine. It was getting to the login screen that failed.

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