Can we include original poster somewhere?

Discourse in its infinite knowledge, does not, as far as I can see, include the name of the OP by default, when viewing a sub-forum, i.e

Unless they have made a followup post, at which point there is chance that their icon will appear, along with a title attribute stating that they were the original poster.

Seeing the lack of an author column when I first looked at the forum, I was told to simply create a script to style the forum how I wanted, which I was fine with.

However, as far as I can see, by default no information about the OP is exposed, meaning its impossible to determine the poster without them replying, or you digging into the topic itself.

Can we please expose OP information somewhere, since we’re apparently determined to stick with irritating chat bubbles that provide no useful information unless you’re a clairvoyant who recognises every eve pilot on sight.

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Isn’t the poster exposed as Original Poster in the first avatar bubble in the Users column? Or is that information, that you can see in your browser, not accessible for a script?

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Yes the first icon should be the original poster. If you mouse over the image, you should get a tool-tip with the person’s name.

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Was prompted by the strange scenario where I had no bobbleheads (weirdly) on the lookout for it to report to avalon, else I’ve now got a JS to nuke all bobbleheads from above.

Feel free to close as outside of that strange occurrence, the situation is rectified.


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Thank you for the feedback. That shouldn’t happen again. If it becomes a recurring problem please let us know. Fly safe o7

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So we cant see the Original Poster when on a mobile phone?

Like when entering the section you want to go to, and you see the list of threads… it just shows the person who replied last.

I am pretty sure most viewed of these forums are on mobile.

Hell they are designed to look “mobile-esque”

But i cant see Original Poster if on mobile without running some scripts or addons??

What in the world?

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Are you also having issues?

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This almost looks by design. On mobile view on my Lumia 920 I only see the icon of the last poster in a topic in the topic list of a forum, no original or previous/frequent posters icons like in desktop view.
And on stickies, I don’t see any user icon at all.

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Same. Samsung android using chrome.

Mobile cant see original poster. Strange that this is a mobile forum platform

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Indeed, same thing here. I’ve never noticed that before. I am going to remove the solved flag from this topic.

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