First post…

  1. Selecting a character part…
    Stars show through picture of avatar
    Not obvious that one has to click the picture, then Confirm button. I only have one character so hit confirm and nothing happened, obviously I thought the site was bugged rather than having to select my solitary picture.
  2. No obvious landing pad. I want to go where the action is. You know like those busy sites that are more stream of consciousness and hide their categories behind the first ongoing stream.
  3. Helpful popups, you know like that paperclip popup that we all loved years ago. I’ve got one now that’s been on the screen while I type this, let me go read it… It says something about starting a new conversation. Not going to read it, probably going to say the usual pap about us all being wonderful people and getting along together. Reminds me of the popup paperclip.

Okay, posting worked. Now trying editing. Seems it’s a split panel process. And I notice I have my first notification, and CCP seems excited by it. EXCITING! …and it’s something called discobot…

How very exciting…

Anyhow, the site looks crisp. If a little over categorised, I mean there’s only like 90 people that use the forums.

Why not give us a category each?

Where is my sig line?

is this where i complain?

Sorry i know this is someone pet project they love, but this is straight ugly as hell.

These forums do not have user signatures. You can set a biography from your preferences window if you would like to do so.

Your biography can be viewed by anyone who clicks on your picture. Your biography also lets people see how long you have been a member on these forums, and if you have any special badges.