Can We Use a 3rd Party Launcher?

First this post is directed toward someone who knows the rules. I am seriously considering my options with this game. I have been looking at this for example → Open Source Launcher .

It is unfortunately 9 years old, so it might need work, I think I am up to the challenge. It uses PHP language, I am asking the following questions:

  • Is this banable to use something other than the EVE official launcher?
  • Are the links within the code up to date?
  • Is there something else - another program or script - more current I should see?

Before you reply please note:
I don’t care if you love or hate this new launcher, I don’t like it at all, and this is not a discussion about that subject. If you are going to say it is a bannable offense, please cite where it says it in the EULA or give me a link where it has been said by a CCP official. If you reply about another launcher, I would prefer it to be open source as I don’t want a program that will simply hijack my account.

I am playing this game less and less, it is my opinion this launcher is another nail in that coffin. The old launcher was fine but this new one is too much for people like me and not enough for others. I just want to access short and sweet. Why have a launcher when the company only has the one game?

Thank you for listening and responding in kind.

6 conduct
A. Specifically restricted Conduct
4. You may not use the Software, or any information accessible through the System, to bypass the System login architecture or create or provide any other means through which the System may be accessed and/or the Game may be played by others, as, for example, through server emulators.

Just read EULA.

I did read this, but I don’t run any “server emulators”. If this read proper, I wouldn’t had to ask. I read played by others and server emulation and thought no and no.

Thanks for the information Oksaras.

As for Wachutu, I sure hope you get that 1,000th useless post badge soon!