Cancel API queries

i just started a new spreadsheet for my trades in google sheets

i installed GESI - and to get item names i used the type-id-list and then i made my first mistake :slight_smile:
i added a cell with a GESI query to put out the name for the type-id
and i copied this cell next to all types in the type-list - so around 40k i think

realizing this would take a while i had another great idea - i deleted all the cells \o/

now the next proper query i made is stuck at loading - because it’s probably waiting for those 40k, now invisible, queries that are in line

is there any way to cancel those queries?
deauth GESI?
i don’t want to make more silly mistakes :slight_smile:

thanks in advance

Just delete that cell and it’ll be fine.

like i wrote - i deleted those 40k cells already - but the queries are sent already

anyway - i already got banned anyway for too many queries in a day…

i just realized you are the GESI dev, right? Great work! easy to use so far

just wondering how to make a refresh button in sheets :slight_smile:

Could always just delete the sheet and make a new one if you’re really worried. Either way that wont help your ban as that’s account wide so will just need to wait until tomorrow.

Easiest way is to just refresh the sheet, but both ESI and Google cache data so depending on what data you’re fetching it might not help.

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thanks - as i had no patience i just created another gmail account :smiley:

so far so good - BUT i still have problems with updating the sheet/queries
concerning corporation-transactions
when i refresh the whole page it doesn’t refresh the query (i guess that’s google cache?)
when i create a new table and copy the query it does fetch a new one
no idea how to refresh the original

and another weird error - when i create a copy of the whole sheet - that one doesn’t work
for some reason it doesn’t know the GESI functions (but GESI is active and linked in scripteditor)
error: #NAME?

well, at least i found out that when i delete the original query/cell and reenter it - it does fetch it freshly

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