ESI - append data in sheets - create transaction history longer than a month?

i have another question again :slight_smile:

i guess the title says it pretty much all
i want to append the transaction history from the API into my sheets table
as the API history is kinda limited (time or length)
ofc it would somehow also need to check for duplicates or which data is actually new
(i think when i did this years ago in excel, i read the last date in my sheets table and filtered the API-data for anything newer - but it’s too long ago to actually remember…)

surely you guys know this stuff :slight_smile:
thanks in advance

google sheets? is something I put together at one point.

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ok, that’s slightly more complex than i thought :slight_smile:
i only had time to quickly look at it, but i guess it does what i want
so i will have check it out closer

thanks a lot already
it’s gonna be the last big part in my new manufacturing sheet :raised_hands:

unfortunately i already lost some data that is older than a month
is there a way to download a transaction dump with older data?

The tl;dr is:

Have a menu option to pull new transactions from ESI

Get an access token, using a refresh token you got a different way. (This bit may well be broken now. if you shift it to using headers, that’ll probably work)

Find the last transaction to be loaded last time.

Pull the transactions from ESI, until you find the last transaction. Put each transaction into the appropriate sheet.

It’s split into 4 bits, for wallet journal, transactions, corp wallet journal, and corp transactions.

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yep, thanks - i got some time to look into it

i was just hesitating, because the setup is a bit complicated and as i’m using GESI i thought if i couldn’t pretty easily do it with the GESI calls.
But in fact finding that out would probably take me longer than just following your setup in the blog entry :slight_smile:

Gesi should be simple enough to use. At most you’d end up using a function to copy new stuff from the gesi sheet to an archive

haha, that’s exactly what i just thought (including slight facepalm :upside_down_face:)

i already have my table where i import the newest data with GESI
i now just need to iterate through the lines, kinda like you do it in your script and copy it over to an archive table

haven’t done coding in a while, but i guess it should be easy enough…

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