My mother warned me that playing computer games would lead to me selling myself on the internet!

I suppose you want to see the goods …
PW: 23456

Just lined up partially trained skills.

Wallet balance: Positive
Kill rights: None
Jump clones: Three, all in high sec (standard attribute, 1 Federation Navy Command Mindlink and 1 Caldari Navy Command Mindlink)
Character location Jita

Positive standing with all factions, accept Blood Raider Covenant (-0.24).

Never Scammed or stolen from anyone (sadly never killed anyone, to my shame)

Not keen on being lobotomized so starting bid of 70Bil
(If offering less you will be ignored, I thank you for the bumps in advance).

B/O: 100Bil

Auction will end within the next 2 weeks.

At the risk of being ignored :slight_smile:

67 billion.

68 bil

I could buy the extracters in Jita, melt my owe brain and make more then that!


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you seem like an intelligent seller so ill offer 68.1b

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