(Sara Savage) #1


(Fuarran) #2

3,5b buy out

(Sara Savage) #3

Thank you for your interest, but I can wait for more. Bump.

(Breatas Avarike) #4

4b offer

(Sara Savage) #5

Recieved in game offer of 5.75B, accepted. Buyer has until tomorrow night to send isk and account info, otherwise auction will proceed.

(Sara Savage) #6

No reply from buyer, Sara is back up for sale. Changing price to a flat 5.5 Billion. If you want her, post here and send isk and acct info and I will transfer immediately, unless i’m sleeping.

(Breatas Avarike) #7

i bump 4B

(Sara Savage) #8


(Breatas Avarike) #9

my 4B offer still stands

(Sara Savage) #10

Appreciated, but still waiting for more. Bump.

(Breatas Avarike) #11

4B is starting to be expensive for a 5.5M sp toon

(Hei Presto) #12

4.5b each for both characters

(Sara Savage) #13


(system) #14

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