(Cancelled... Decided to play with it again :) )


9b for Corsair Stone

10b offer also mailed you in game

12b urgent need


maybe 13b

Deal is off the table. Going back to normal. Daily Bumps.

Daily bump. B/O changed from 18b to 14b.

Daily bump.

Bumping B/O 14b Immediate transfer, between work hours @ Amsterdam Time Zone

Bumpy :slight_smile:

I offer 14 b I’ll confirm in a few h when I’m home

Haven’t heard anything so far. Still willing to continue with 14b?

Bump. Previous bid didnt not go through. Still waiting for 14b bid to immediate buyout.


Updated… Bumby… :blush:
Relocated to Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.
Details about Remap. Next Neural Remap available: 2020.03.22
(Bonus Remap Available: 2)


12.5b buyout, ISK ready now

Thanks for the offer but I got once to 13.5b even some 14b they cancelled but yeah. I will be waiting for 13.5b now :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries, I just found 3 so I’m not looking anymore.

Offer rescinded. Good luck!