Cancelled T2 Core Rorq, Caldari Fax pilot, Anshar Pilot 97m sp

I am for sale

Mining Director 5 JDO/JDC/JFC 5 Mining Drone Spec 5 (Ice drones injected, not trained)
Capital Indy Ships 5 Capital Ships 5 Jump Freighter 5 Gallente Freighter 5 Transport Ships 5 Racial Industrial ships 5 T2 Triage

Main implant group HG Crystals 1-6 SM-705, SE-805 SP-905 Mining foreman mindlink

secondary Genolutions 1-4 EO-605 SM-705 SE-805 SP-905 Mining foreman mindlink

Tertiary +5 1-5 BX-802 Mining foreman mindlink

quaternary +5 1-5

Next remap 09-13-2017
Rorqual skins: Blood Raider Industrial Livery, Gallente Industrial Livery, Nocx Rush
Porpoise Amarr Industrial Livery
Astral Mining standings 8.17

and he has stupid amounts of research points.

Positive sec status, in Jita, no killrights, positive wallet
Starting bid 80b … message me here or by evemail for buyout. No lowball offers, I’ve done the math

still available




starting bid achieved


Sale cancelled, I’m going to keep him. thanks for the bids, I apologize for the inconvenience