SOLD WTS Female 30m , rorqual t2 core industrial High Caldari Navy

Hi, because the changes of Mining / industry, i am reducing my operations.

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet.

Very decent Caldari Navy 9.53 and caldari state 4.74
Mining drone spec IV with good drone
Decent Missiles for do Lvl 1/3 missions
Jacldaw and frigate caldari V, can use manticore
Industrial Command Ships V, you cant get better for mining
mining barge V. exhumers I
cyno v and cruiser 5, can do cynos
Manu Books capital injected.
high shield and armor, wanna be capital pilot (can be fax without much hassle)

If interested answer here.

14 bil

Anemic 15B

The extraction Value is 17b, plus the extra price of implants books, and the firest 5m.

thanks for the bump, but is obvious you are offering below the extraction value. The caldary navi itself have a good value and i can extract, make trader and get a good cash too. Simply your offers are not accurate in many levels.

Today bump. By the way the taxes currently are very high, and 1.5% relist fee. This toon can pay herself with the standings.

I recieve an offer of 20b, to be payed friday. COnsidering the price of books and the implants, i allow to be sold at 20b, but less than that is not business.

If the other deal fell, i offer you 20b saturday or Sunday for her.

By the way i consder 20 b is a little low, anyway for the price of reputations and the rorqual and capital books

The other offer dont appear, if no return, i have not problem in selling to you tomorrow sunday.

I am available to be sold at 20b to anybody; i go to do some things outside now, and return afternoon and ready to transfer to the first people to sent me 20b

A third person look for me in game mail, yes i am available to 20b, but is an alpha account now and i was not checking mail.

If interested answer the thrad and i deliver.

I mailed you in-game from another character , i have isk ready.

accepted, send the isk and account name andi deliver changing to her

isk sent , info sent

received contracting items to other char… forgot the alphs can onbly do a contract at time-

I deliver very soon, two contracts more.

no problem , do your thing

Transfer done, please answer the thread when you receive the real world mail. I go to take a break of the game and was the last item to do.

Character Transfer Received , thank you , take care , enjoy your time off.

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