WTT Sale Female Rorqua l /DST/ ceptor t2 with 20.5m

Hi, i am a rorqual pilot with t2 , seeking trade my female pilot for a male pilot with similar points and decent name.


  • Capital Industrial Ships / Rank 12 / Level: 5 / SP: 3,072,000 of 3,072,000
  • ORE Industrial / Rank 4 / Level: 5 / SP: 1,024,000 of 1,024,000
  • Gallente Industrial / Rank 4 / Level: 5 / SP: 1,024,000 of 1,024,000
  • |Minmatar Frigate / Rank 2 / Level: 5 / SP: 512,000 of 512,000
  • Industrial Reconfiguration / Rank 8 / Level: 5 / SP: 2,048,000 of 2,048,000
  • amarr dreadnought I (can enter a revelation for travel items/ships)

Then is a decent miner in rorqual. I am trading or selling her because my wife is jealous and the subscription end 26of this month.

I am interested in selling here or trade her for a MALE pilot

  • can be rorqual too
  • jump freighter is ok
  • amarr or drone pilot
  • anything Male with decent name and similar points.

If have some isk for put in my side, but u know she is a decent pilot. If not get a decent rade before 26 of this month, i can have problems with my relationship, please save me =)

If interested answer the thread.

Will be in high sec,
no kkill rights
positive wallet.

Today bump

How much?

19 bil offer


21 bil

pretty face. i will care about her.
21.5 bil

The rorqual pilot retract then i am avialble for sale or trade.

22 bil

Sold Avallah, send me the 22b and the account name and i deiiver.

I will send ISK and account details when be at home. At the moment don’t have access to EVE

Ok, i am now in High sec, i leave my corporation when isk / account received.

It looks like we will stay at night at my familly. Any chance you can wait till tomorrow?
BTW your pilot should be in NPC corp before ISK transfer.

already done, i am for sale and in sinq laiosn

I will be at home soon. Thanks for patience.

ISK and account detail sent.

Received, i try tansfer one momemnt ago and credit card give me a failure. I fund again in three hours and deliver then.

raining here, i go again in 90 min, bank failing in seven eleven for the rain.

No problem. Will wait for update.

Transfer done one moment ago. Please confirm you receive the email. ( bad internet here )

Thanks for the business.