CANCELLED WTB 65m-70M SP Combat Character


I am in the market for a new main and looking for a character with some specifics

Race: Any
Gender: Any
Must be able to fly pretty much all ships from BC down
Good core skills
Good shield and armor tanking
Good drone, gunnery and missile skills
Not particularly interested in a character with a load of extracted skill points so have loads of skills at 0 but for the right character I may overlook

I am not interested in skills in manufacturing, mining etc as I have all this covered on other characters.

I have a budget of 75b max

Only 50M but you might find this interesting

Sorry, hoping to get something more. so daily bump

I’m considering listing this pilot if you’re interested. 72.8m SP, pure subcap.

Thread cncelled, the character was sold, i am the new owner.

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