Interested in purchase a 5m character, for making contrcts etween my characters easier.

  • Skills Dont matter.
  • Need a decent name. I dont want contract to XXXLOLarthasXXX

As you know the market is not pretty now, i can made compromises but not need expensive stuff.

Answer the thread, dont reading eve mail.

What are you paying?

3 - 5b

I know is betterpurchase two months of game and a injector, but not much idea on names now.

Do u have somes for sale ? i know the 1.0m are around 5b

As i note the market depressed, and autoselling threads of low chars (nobody sell 5 * 5m x 1.5b and without check other items asalready corporation etc), i decided instead sell other character, free the space in one existent account, and create there a new character for the purpose of the thread.

Thread cancelled.

Closing at OP’s request.