CLOSE please

Looking to buy a 5+ mil sp character preferably with barges (mercoxit is even better!) or reactions trained.


How much are you looking to get for a char?

That looks decent, How much?

No idea, from what I can tell it seems like 2b would be a fair price. What say you?

Sure I Will take It, Is it ok If we trade tomorrow or the day after? I have a shitload of work rn and tomorrow so I’m not sure if I will manage to log in.

Sure, just contact me whenever. I added you on my main, so I can see when you log on.

hey looking for 5bill on him

I will have time at around 13:00 Eve time today, I will send you the isk and account name then :slight_smile:

Alright, Please leave the corp and drop down to NPC and I will send you ISK and account info as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

bumperino, still looking for a char

The highest I can go is about 3.5b-4b, sorry mate :frowning:

i can do 4bill if you want

4bill for this one right ?

Sure! That Char is fine, I will try to send you ISK later today (probably closer to the evening) if that’s alright

No problem just post here when u send , so I know

Sorry mate, I didn’t manage to log in yesterday, I promise to send the iskies today. There is just a lot of stuff going on with midterm exams and other ■■■■…