Positive wallet.

No kill rights.

Character located in Jita.

2 High grade clones for each Marauder. 4 jump clones total. All located in high sec.

B/O 60 Billion isk. Start bidding 55 billion isk.

5 hours left on auction.


Profile - P4mela_chu - EVE Online Forums thank you for the bid!


57 bil offered.

I’ll offer 57b Bo if you will give me 10 hours to biomass slot

Higher offer makes you first in line. I have not received isk or any info from previous offer.

That’s ok, but can I consider this for BO confirmation for 2-3 hours? I’ll send isk and info in thise period, and then inform you when slot will be free

When isk received the character will be Confirmed sold. My original BO was 60 bil isk . 57 bil isk is currently highest bid. Thank you.

sold or not, i ofr 58B, but need time for plex exchange for ISK

I have not received isk or BO Asking price. Character has not been sold yet.

58 bil is high bid so far.

5 hours left on auction. Thank you.

cancelled? so its not for sale?

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