[CANDY] Stranger Danger. is recruiting! C5/C5 PvP PvE Lets make that ISK, with pew pew (always take the bait)

Greetings Capsuleer of New Eden.

Stranger Danger. is recruiting! We are a C5 WH Group out there to have a laugh, take the bait, and shoot all the things. We are always on the lookout for new members across all time-zones.

              •   What we offer:  •

• C5 home with C5 static
• C5 ratting, PI, Gas huffing, and Mining
• Blue loot buyback
• Industry buildings and refinery
• We take fights whenever possible
• Veteran pilots who are willing to teach new pilots
• Great social Corp that stresses taking the bait having fun and real life comes first
• A pink Sun! Really, Yes we do
• Wardec immunity ( Ha Ha PIRAT)

            •   What we expect:  •

• That you are self-motivated, willing to learn, and work with others
• Willingness to train into home defense ship and other Corp doctrine, there is a wide range of skill
level needed so you will become part of PvP fleets right away
• All time zones welcome, currently our USTZ is bigger than EUTZ
• That you have fun taking the bait with us

If you are interested in Having fun in the Pew of folk, and making iskkies please message us.
useing the contacts below or jump on our discord and make yourself known.

Discord:- https://discord.gg/Ghk7qd8
In-game pub:- Stranger Danger

Jace Tavine USTZ
Ratchet VonDoom USTZ
Samantha Whitburg USTZ
Daniel Thell EUTZ
Bignutta EUTZ

Or apply in Almost Dangerous
Fly dangerous and always take the bait!

Boom that bump. Dont be shy come say hello

Great brawl lastnight, Come join the fun

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