Can't vote, despite Omega status

Not sure if this is a bug. My account was created some years ago and I resubbed last month. I logged in to vote for CSM but I got the following message:

"Your EVE Online account is not eligible to vote in the CSM Election.

Upgrade to Omega to submit your vote."

Is anyone else having trouble with voting?

edit: now getting 404 error lol :smiley:

edit 2: now working for me


Can I podjump back please? 404

  1. no access to page

yep, i can’t vote either, and i been omega for over a year now… @CCP_Dopamine

Never mind. My Omega ran out yesterday. Shame. Also shame on CCP for delaying it until the day after my Omega ran out. Well :popcorn:

Yeah, Had 404, now got the “Omega status” problem.

CCPlease feed the hamsters powering your scripts :’)


Very tactical.

my omega actually is active, and i get that same message you got.

yup I got 404 first and when I got in to vote turns out my omega account is not good enough. Tried on pc and phone.

it just turned into 404 for me…

More ratting is required to get the isk to be able to vote.

I’m sure I heard CCP say that they were making a robust voting system, it would be the best voting system. They know people, people who make good systems. They don’t want mail in voting - that’s not secure, the hamsters lose votes or eat the votes, This will be the bigliest biggest voting period, Vily, Brisc Rubal Concord have obviously rigged the election! we knew these online voting systems weren’t secure!!!

AAAArgh, tinfoil alert!!! :’)

ahhh well, will just have to wait for the servers to sort themselves out and vote later :slight_smile:

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I cannot vote, same error as above, though since there is no option to abolish the CSM, it matters not.

Your EVE Online account is not eligible to vote in the CSM Election.

Upgrade to Omega to submit your vote.

Your thing is broken

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I’m so glad I’m not the only one having this issue.

Same problem here, I am Omega since the spring of 2020. But, can’t vote. Even the voting system in unintuitive in Eve…

Same as everyone else and I’m very much omega. ;-\

Same. 404 when attempting to access voting page link from INN website and EvE news page. On mobile.

Get this despite being Omega since last October. Please fix CCP. Thanks

Same. Unable to vote because my omega status is not omega status :wink: