CSM 15 Voting - When and How

I am not sure when we can vote (Did I miss it already?) or how to vote. I have seen the guide on what happens with the votes. I have not seen anything with the date or dates for voting. I have no idea how to vote. Is there a website for voting? Is it done on this forum? Is it done in game? Who gets to vote? Do you get one vote per account or one per character? Do Alphas get to vote or only Omegas?


I’d expect it to open around downtime on the 1st.

I’d also expect the voting to be at https://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/vote/ but that’s purely based on where it has been in the past.

There’ll almost certainly be a devblog or new post on it.

https://www.eveonline.com/article/q95kuc/csm-15-all-you-need-to-know covers the dates. 1st to 8th. (probably downtime to downtime. Not “until 23:59 on the 8th”. That’s an educated guess on my part.)

There will be a website. It’s not done on the forum or in the game (we kept asking, but there’s development time involved. Not sure it’s worth the additional expense.)

Omega accounts get to vote. One vote per account.
Alphas do not get to vote (because there would be so much vote stuffing)

CCP did their best to hide the voting page, it isn’t linked from any dev post i’ve seen yet, but it is (as mentioned above)
You have to log in to be able to vote.

You can vote once per account (which allow players with 40 accounts to vote 40 times)

Thank you all. I have voted.

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