CSM15 Voting Requirements

This is what I see when I try and vote in CSM15. I haven’t seen any rules governing who can/cannot vote. Yes, I am new. Yet I have been watching videos and getting assistance from several people running for CSM and I’d like to cast my vote for them.

Is there some sort of probation period on voting?

NOTE: I am an Omega clone.


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Only Omega clones can vote

I am Omega. Sorry, I should have stated that in OP (fixed :wink:)

I can’t find a source, but I think I read somewhere that the account had to be at least 60 days old. I’ve also heard that other people have been having problems, but I think they were getting a different error message. This is probably a completely different issue, but I thought I would mention it.

Also, glad to see you that you’re trying to be an informed voter.

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Thanks Shipwreck!

From a CCP standpoint, I can see them making new players ineligible for voting. From a voter fraud standpoint, I get that. If I get swept up in that category, so be it.

Figured I’d ask here rather than reaching out to support with this kind of question. I do think its strange that there’s nothing posted (that I can find) outlining eligibility.

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“Only accounts that were active for at least 60 days before voting starts are eligible to vote.”

It’s buried in a Whitepaper on the CSM site that is no longer used …

@CCP_Dopamine why isn’t this info included in the “All you need to know” dev blog?


Thank you, sir! :+1:

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