CSM Voting

I was looking at the CSM voting ballots, there are only 6 people I am aware of/want to vote for, if i only vote for 6 what happens to the votes that i didnt cast, does it penalise the people i do vote for in anay way?

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They end up in Florida.

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This thread might help explain the process:


i started reading that and found i was as confused as ever.

They will all randomly go to the one of the candidates in the closest democratic elections in some country somewhere in the world :slight_smile:

Why doesn’t CCP send email to players or in game announcements that its time to vote? Not doing this means big alliance candidates wins by default. It also seems Alpha players cant vote so they technically have no chance for representation on CSM. But lets forget that and pretend the game is in great hands and they deserve $20 per month :slight_smile:

The launcher is prime realestate and more effective than an email by a long shot.

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But you have to launch the launcher first :slight_smile:

Also you have to launch it when the voting banner is displayed for a few seconds. I think CCP should “pin” some of them at the top of the bottom “feed” :thinking:

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Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. We have some in-game notifications planned for later in the week (8 September), with a few other amplification tools as well.!

Our goal is to increase the awareness for each candidate year after year. We’ve recently also begun scheduling interviews with each of the candidates on the CCPTV channel - along with exclusive rewards for watching. If you’re curious about a candidate, be sure to check out the VoD from last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Twitch


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