Cap/Logi Pilot looking for new home (sov 0.0) EU TZ

I play since 2010 and am looking for a cool new corp to join somewhere in Nullsec. I am looking for medium to large scale combat. Can bring all kinds of Logi and Amarr Carrier/Dread and an Anshar or Rorqual. I am trying to get back into the game at the moment and am willing to join Fleets and do Logistics stuff with my Jumpfreighter. Can afford a set of caps. I am looking for an Alliance/Corp with good infrastructure and a layed back Leadership.

Willing to skill into doctrines with my PVP Char, which can fly all Logis all V and has almost everything except Spaceship Command and Gunnery/Missiles all V.

Can communicate in english. Comms in fleets and meetings are no problem.

Hi there

We are a very active indy/combat corp - currently looking for experienced pvp/capital & indy pilots. We have monthly incentives, 15% discount on hulls for members and lots of content options across the board.

come to ‘‘UGI Public’’ for a chat


Come and join The Riot Formation [RIOT.]

Speak to Wishdokkta CEO (EU) or Undeadenemy (USA)

Have a look at this:


If you’re still looking , maybe MASS is the right corp for you. We are a buch of oldies, looking to take MASS back to its glory days back in 2003.

Take a look at our recruitment thread and message me in game if you fancy a chat.

Found a new home, thanks for all the mails and replies.

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