Capitalist Army is Recruiting

OK let’s cut the crap!! I could now bore you with two pages of self aggrandising information about why our corp is the one for you, and an endless diatribe against all others, but we work differently.

“So what’s the score, who are you?” You ask.
Capitalist Army likes making isk and pew-pewing space ships. Really that’s about it, Great Wildlands offers a great platform to do those two things in abundance.

We offer buyback on most minerals in our incredibly well-stocked tradehub, access to several high quality moons for mining, production and research slots, low corp tax, low customs office tax and much more.

So what sort of pilots does the ‘Capitalist Army’ want?” You ask again, as inquisitive folk are apt to do.

We are primarily after combat pilots. Alpha? Omega? We just don’t care! We want US and EU pilots willing to fleet-up and grow with the group. They are of course expected to pursue more isk-rich endeavours (mining, production and combat sites) and are free to do so locally.
Our recruitment criteria is to have a great attitude, a growth-oriented mindset and a willingness to learn. The interview process is to fleet-up together and hang out!

If are thinking Capitalist Army is the right place for you let us know. We can get the process started and get you on the way to having fun and making some new friends and stuff.

US Mail Contacts: Alekseyev Karrde or Xe Tian

EU Mail Contacts: Nightjester or Dalse Gambit

In Game Channel: Capitalist Chat

Discord: r/


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