Caps, Cap BPOS, Random Assets

Assets for sale Location and evepraisal linked with each
Asking for 90% Sell unless stated



7x NYX 7/12 BPC (30m each)
4x Hel 6/12 BPC (25m Each)

Revelation 1.5b

5x Naglfar 1.5b each
5x Moros 1.5b each
3x Revelation 1.5b each
2x Phoenix 1.5b Each

Blueprint Originals
All Located High Sec in Bleak Lands

Rorqual 7/12 4.2b
Moros 8/14 3.1b
Revelation 8/14 3.2b
Phoenix 8/10 2.8b
Naglfar 9/14 3.2b
Thanatos 7/12 2.2b
Nidhoggur 10/14 2.2b
Archon 7/14 1.6b
Archon 9/12 1.7b
Chimera 7/10 1.7b
Minokawa 7/12 1.7b
Ninazu 7/12 2.2b
Lif 7/12 1.7b
Apostle 7/12 1.8b

Comps All 10/20 unless listed
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay x2 2b Each
Capital Clone Vat Bay 2b
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay x2 2b Each
Capital Jump Drive x2 2b Each
Capital Siege Array 2b
Capital Turret Hardpoint 2b
Capital Power Generator 2b
Capital Launcher Hardpoint 2b
Capital Shield Emitter X2 1.7b Each
Capital Propulsion Engine 2b
Capital Computer System 1.7b
Capital Sensor Cluster 1.5b
Capital Capacitor Battery 1.5b
Capital Construction Parts 1.5b
Capital Drone bay X4 1.5b Each

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