Caps for Sale Reyi

(wellbe) #1

G’day all o/

Ive got some capitals Id like to sell in the system of Reyi.

They are currently fitted however can strip them and sell hull + riggs + fuel only.

Apostle x 2 1.7bil (hull/rigs/fuel)
Nagflar x 1 2.5bil
Thanatos x 1 1.5b (2.1b fitted with fighters)
Rorq x 1 2.3bil

Feel free to message me ingame or on here with any questions

(wellbe) #2


(Ella Goose) #3

What kind of fit comes with the thanny and what comes with the rorq?

(Mad Vemane) #4

what fit on the nag?

(system) #5

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