Caps Indy Recruiting - Null Sec -PvE - Indy - Building Empires In Heaven!*

Capsuleer Industries - Building Empires In Heaven!

  • Recruiting for Industrialists
  • Drama Free
  • 24/7 Activity
  • US/EU TZ Corporation

What we do:

  • Ratting Fleets
  • Mining Fleets
  • Null sec PVE
  • Capital Manufacturing
  • Planetary Interaction
  • Free To Explore
  • PvP Fleets To Protect Our Region

Basically we offer alot. We have upgraded SOV, and upgraded citadels for everyone in corp, Also You will have access to any form of ISK grinding that you want and you will have access to fleets every day, several times a day.

What were looking for:

  • Pilots willing to help new bros.
  • Pilots willing to pvp to help protect region.
  • Industrialists willing to help build things.
  • Minners willing to mine and help build corp.
  • Ratters willing to help others out.
  • Null sec veterans and newbros to fill our numbers.
  • Communication Friendly
  • Willing to be on voice comms when online

What we offer:

  • Ore purchasing
  • PI Purchasing
  • Salvage purchasing
  • Labs with a crap ton of BPOs
  • Citadel Access
  • Low Structure Tax Rates
  • Discord Services
  • Voice comms
  • We have many veteran pilots who help with all aspects of training in EVE

The gang have been around for a long time and have played all aspects of the game. We know the ins and outs. If you are relatively new to the game this is a great spot for you to learn from hardened veterans of null sec, and sov warfare, Industrial tycoons who can help you succeed in any avenue of the game; for vets and bitter vets this can be a home free of harassment and hassle from inexperienced leadership, complete with the technical backbone that makes a corporation and alliance successful in EVE.

Join our public discord channel and say hello.
Server Invite Link: Caps Discord
Our Public Recruitment in game chat is “ Capsuleer Industries Pub ”.

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Capsuleer Industries is still Recruiting! That’s right, you to can get on that dank Isk Per Hour!

Caps Indy is still looking for new recruits.

Room for All! Capsuleer Industries is still Recruiting! Apply today!

Caps indy still looking for some Indy pilots.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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Like your ad. will check you out when I get home tonight.
free bumb.

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looking for more indy/miners.

Looking for more pilots that like to mine, build.

Caps Indy is currently looking for active.

  1. Miners
  2. Industrialist
  3. Ratters
  4. Abyssal Site Runners

You miner, you join now yes? OK you join.

We’ll bring the Turkey if bring the stuffing! Join Today!

Still recruiting! Join for meme permit!

Still looking for new members. Are you looking for Ore, or Rats. We got that come on down.

Still recruiting ? My corp is about to close (CEO with irl obligation) So I’m in need of a new home.
Love PVE and open to pvp.
Alpha friendly ?

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Still recruiting! Come do the things!

New Recruits get exotic dancers!

All types of pilots needed. Ratters, Miners, PvPers, and Indy of all kinds. Come and get in before SheoFapped up there runs out of dancers!

Come down to isk printing space! Come do the thing!

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