Carbon Crosshairs is Recruiting! - WH corp part of the Clouds of War alliance

Carbon Crosshairs is a small WH corp looking to grow. We live in a C3 with a LS static with Clouds of War. We are looking to expand and become a bigger part of the alliance. The alliance is heavily PvP focused, they do structure bashing, roams, etc. The alliance also has sub cap and cap production capabilities.

What we Offer

  • Lots of PVP
  • Fleets for PvE and Harvesting
  • Corp Buyback
  • Structure Bashing


  • Active players
  • Omega
  • 5mil SP
  • Some PvP and WH experience
  • Desire to learn


  • 20 active players
  • Setup corp structures
  • Find a C2 to move to
  • Move into C2
  • 40 active players

If you like what you see and want to join us on our journey, Eve mail me at Nic Trib or join us in the Carbon Pub channel in game.

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