CareBear looking for EU/UK Corp for Casual Flying

Hi all. Returning after a long stay away. 90.5 mill pilot from 2003 who has learned nothing much since then.

Not looking for PVP. Just missions, banter, mining, all that kind of relaxed jazz. Curious about the new content and would love to be involved with a crew exploring it.

I’m parked near to Jita and like to do a bit of trading and will even mine Trit just to have something to do while I listen to an audio book… I’m parked just off Jita, and this is my home, so would not be looking to move regions. Sorry that narrows it down a bit…

Absolutely not interested in drama. Done all that back in the day. If you can accomodate this Lebowski level of laid back let me know.

[Lacuna Fulfillment] [LAFU] is recruiting new members!

Allinace Killboard:

✪ Low Sec / NULL
✪ Industrial with a splash of PVP and PVE
✪ Been playing since 2007
✪ IRL comes first

[Lacuna Fulfillment] is looking for:
✓ 18+ players
✓ new and old player friendly
✓ have discord

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