Carebears with Teeth. Industrial Module PvP

Right. Couple of Ideas :


  1. Mining Laser does a small amount of Thermal and Explosive damage, akin to civlian weapon modules.
  2. Deep Core Miners bybpass shield EHP, Thermal and Kinetic damage, akin to civilian weapon modules.
  3. Strip Miners up the damage a little, likely similar to a unbonused small beam lasers
  4. Ice Miners do kinetic and EM damage.


  1. Salvager I & II do a small amount of EM damage, again civilian weapon tier.
  2. Bypassing Shield HP

Tractor Beams

  1. Tractor Beam I and II can pull in ships.
    For example if a ship goes 700 m/s, the tractor beam has a velocity of 600 m/s
    It will slow the ship to 100 m/s.
    If the ship goes 500 m/s, the tractor beam has a velocity of 600m/s
    It will be pulled in at 100 m/s.

Multiple Tractor Beams are not stackable, the mechanics are similar to targeting wrecks. One beam for each ship.


They tried to implement this. The engine did not respond well to their efforts.

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