Using the HUGE mining lasers for defense/offense in PVP - Let's do it!

More like, what would happen if I “Could” use my huge, pumped mining lasers in defense/offense situations.

Since mining barges can’t seem to offer gun mounts just mining lasers/strip miners/ice miners, I just see two huge lasers, if I could lock on to a ship and fire, couldn’t they do massive damage to the targeted ship if it got hit by the beams?

Pulse laser modulation can vary, so the short pulses needed to make the rock popcorn could be lengthened to allow for hull penetration if the pulse duration and targeting distance were to be increased, lets say doubled to at least 30Km when using the mining laser for ship targeting.

A low slot laser mod module would be a great way to approach this, allowing for the switching to a different mode when needed, takes up a low slot, but the huge laser cannon would make a solo ganker think twice about messing with a miner barge!

I can just imagine the PVP gankers face when the huge mining lasers start turning their ship into popcorn balls!!! No shield defense, just start mining the structure of the ship.

Let’s mine ships, it would be interesting to see the yields from this approach to baddie recycling!


Making mining lasers damage targeted ship would remove an agument from the miners that they fly ships that cant fight back. It would also make them a bit harder targets. Means people would need to bring more alts, that means more subs, so CCP can actually make it.

It could deal omni damage, but more EM and thermal than other kinds.

They could also bypass shields to deal direct damage to hull and armor, and then some thermal damage would be also applied to modules. The damage formula would take into account the size of ship, not the speed.


Calm down miner.


stop bashing posts or be reported.

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Defense of mining barges is terrible as it stands, allowing for lasers to be modulated differently isn’t a bad thing, it’s something that is done in industry to accomplish lasers to cut and blast through different media.

I think I’ve seen you bashing my threads before, that will be added to my report of your negative, online forum activities when you continue to downplay and downrate my posts.

You sound like you don’t want miners to be able to use the HUGE lasers they have to smash enemies that try to gank them, it would be simple to mine their ships out from under them, which is a good idea, bypass the shields and mine out the structure of the ship, lets see how long they continue attacking miners. :slight_smile:

If I can mine through a huge asteroid I can bypass shields to mine out the internal structure of a ship if its in range. Gankers beware, mining your ships with you in them may soon be a reality.

Same materials, my laser should be able to see them, and turn them into popcorn. OOoo wouldn’t that make the ship explode from the inside from the aeration of the internal materials? Doesn’t sound like it would take long to disable a ship with a pulsed mining laser.

Except EVE isn’t based on real life. If it were, I should also be able to board your mining ship, crack you over the head, throw you out into space and make off with your ship.
Should we implement that? It sounds like a lot of fun to me.


Yes. If you don’t like people pointing and laughing at your ideas then perhaps get better ideas or, in case you can’t do that, stop voicing them.

Miners HAVE defenses, it’s called drones. Also, in order to keep thing balanced, if you give mining ship more offensive capabilites that means they have to lose capability elsewhere so they’d lose mining yield, orehold, or EHP.

You have very little experience and knowledge in EVE, the audacity to “have ideas” about a game you don’t even partially understand is painful. And, as said, you don’t even post in the right forum section.

All games are based in reality.

reported. Your forum attacks are unwelcome and inappropriate.

:sweat_smile: Really? Tell me how a spaceship is able to travel through a solar system without once using orbital mechanics principle.
Tell me how it can park itself 10km from the sun without orbiting and not burn up…

Yes, lasers should be able to ruin someone’s day, only not in EVE and why? Because they’re not real lasers. It’s as simple as that.

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The game explains inter-solar system travel as a function of warp drive, I agree. The principals behind the gravitational wave warp propulsion theory in reality are the obvious root of the function in the game. As defining the “Base” of a game, as most reality does, it allows for artistic interpretation but remains based in the reality in which it is spawned.

Lasers in the game are awesome interpretations of the possible future of laser technology. There is even a “tractor-beam laser” that works under laboratory conditions, which is the stepping stone towards what I see portrayed in the game.

As for the stellar/solar shielding question, the future of thermal and plasma shielding is a developing one, if you were to wait a few millennia, perhaps you would see such shields, like the materials as you see in Eve, it’s a fun game based from many reality points.

There are things in this game that are heralds to build reality upon as an echo or answer to the functional inputs required to master and play the game.

Science fiction often becomes science fact later, as can be seen in the hand-held cell phone or other such developments that were borrowed from science reality, made into science fiction, then back into science reality, albeit reborn.

Overall Eve is a very well thought out game. However with experienced gameplay comes new perspectives to gain structural ideas from, to shape the future of gameplay within the reality it encompasses.

Laser Tractor beam article

So it’s not


Yes they all are or they wouldn’t exist.

Until you provide technical details, like the damage/tracking/range/penalties of the mining lasers when used as weapons, your idea is meaningless and without substance.

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Except theories aren’t facts and thus not based on reality.

When you agree that I should be able to board your ship, crack you over the head, throw you out into space and steal your ship then I may consider your idea of mining lasers causing damage to ships.
Until then, “mining lasers” are for mining and not combat.

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That’s for the game Developers (DEVS) to provide.

But from what I can imagine: Having your ship hit by a mining laser; It will not be a nice thing to have happen to your ship in the physics and metrics I see in this game platform, almost an insta-clone death event, everything the ship would rely upon systemically would be extruded outwards as metal popcorn, the huge wires carrying the massive current from the power cores to the weapons would be shorted out, if the ship was carrying ammunition, it could be set off or affected by either the physical compression of the inner ship expanding/collapsing or the power grid arcing out into the space they occupy.

As for the larger ships, when being eroded by a mining laser, due to increased mass, parts of the structure would collapse almost entirely upon the beam as it converted the part of the ship it hit into metal popcorn. The effect would be fast and almost unstoppable, if you take Tachyon effects into account for the tunneling of the photons that allow the beam to strike the internal structure of the ship without regard for the surrounding fields, the beams could just “teleport” as tachyons can, carrying the modulated mining laser pulses directly into the core structure materials of the ship being targeted.

Many high powered weapon systems that rely upon massive sync’d current flow to operate would likely detonate or fire immediately and continue to do so until the power system melted down fully, which would put additional stress on the failing structural systems, as well as draining any batteries or capacitors as the internal structure of the ship was converted into Tritanium popcorn laced with all the other goodies that go into making a ship’s hull and operational systems.

The targeted ship would continue to collapse into the focal point intersection of the mining laser beam until there was no more ship, I doubt if the capsule would get out unless it launched immediately when the mining laser hit since the launch system computer would be offline as well.

It could be many times more profitable to mine completed big ships than it ever was to mine ore. They are just huge piles of purified ores anyways.

Not to mention, HUGE mining lasers being able to mine ships because they are made of the same stuff is a powerful deterrent to targeting miners.

“Not to mention…” LOL

That’s all your “idea” is about: get combat pilots to back off miners. It’s as obvious as the nose on your face.

I suggest you get good at avoiding attacks in your mining ship instead of posting nonsensical threads about a mechanic that is working as intended.

So, target your asteroid, fire up your lasers, kick back and calm down, miner.