Carrier Pilot price check

(Darrell Amatin) #1

43M SP T2 Fighters Min Carrier 4 Heavy Light and Support Lvl 4 JDC 5 JFC 4

(Intriguing Stranger) #2

I can offer you 37b until I see a skillboard - that amount of sp is enough for a pilot with everything at 5 so I am curious about the extras

(Sherley Gao) #3

can you show me the skillboard ?

(Darrell Amatin) #4

the extras are Tengu and Loki Pilot Can fly Command Destryoers and Some T2 Frigs

(Darrell Amatin) #5

also considering trading him for two FOCUSED rorq Pilots

(Intriguing Stranger) #6

That’s not possible, in addition to him not being worth two rorqs :stuck_out_tongue:, log in here and show us your skills

(Sherley Gao) #8


(Darrell Amatin) #9


(Darrell Amatin) #10


(Intriguing Stranger) #11

Check out the stickied rules of the character bazaar and abide to them if you want to avoid getting b your post locked :smile:

Also, I am offering 39b

(system) #12

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