Carrier Pilot price check

43M SP T2 Fighters Min Carrier 4 Heavy Light and Support Lvl 4 JDC 5 JFC 4

I can offer you 37b until I see a skillboard - that amount of sp is enough for a pilot with everything at 5 so I am curious about the extras

can you show me the skillboard ?

the extras are Tengu and Loki Pilot Can fly Command Destryoers and Some T2 Frigs

also considering trading him for two FOCUSED rorq Pilots

That’s not possible, in addition to him not being worth two rorqs :stuck_out_tongue:, log in here and show us your skills




Check out the stickied rules of the character bazaar and abide to them if you want to avoid getting b your post locked :smile:

Also, I am offering 39b

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