WTS Carrier/Dread/Decent PVP Pilot 74M SP SOLD

Can fly Command Ships
Can Fly Command Dessies
Can Fly 2 of 4 T3C
Can Fly T3Ds
Can use All (heavy, light and support) T2 Fighters
T2 Siege Trained
Comes with Set of Meh mId grad slaves plus omega
Can fly Panther Blops and is only Amarr BS LVL 5 from redeemer


Any eveskillboard link?

I knew i was forgetting something https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Darrell_Amatin
I apologize

no password

61 bil

Current Bid is at 63B in game by the guy thats always buying everyone stuff LOL

64b then

Gattanera Its yours !

Gattanera has 1 Hr to respond if not the sale continues.

On my way home, give me 30 minutes

Oh sorry about that, yea for sure online atm just convo so we can hash everything out

Account Transfer Started

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